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This Restless Life

The savage playground of speed dating. The high-risk, low-loyalty workplaces scattered around the world. Friendships and love affairs conducted via technology. Globalisation and the long boom have changed the way young people love, work and travel.

Tracing this restless generation, journalist Brigid Delaney interviews young Australians whose lives 'churn' between jobs, cities and countries. She talks to them about life in the new economy in the bars and cafes of Paris and Berlin, parties in Sydney and Rome and at outer-London airports, as they depart for weekend breaks around Europe. The hyper-mobile and 'nation-stateless' are committed to short-term work in glamorous global cities, but often feel adrift. Many are wealthy beyond their dreams but affluence in the new economy has come at a cost.

Having lived the restless life—fifteen cities over the last fifteen years—Delaney laments the loss of the old structures that held things together like romantic love, full-time permanent work and real world communities. She argues that just as the pace of the new economy changed us into restless human beings, the recession provides an opportunity to slow down and reassess how we live.

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