Brigid Delaney is a journalist and author of This Restless Life, published by Melbourne University Press in 2009 and Wild Things published by Harper Collins.

Wild Things

St Anton's university college is a cradle for privileged young men and women. With its Elysian lush green lawns and buildings of golden sandstone, it seems like a place where nothing bad could ever happen.

To mark the end of the season, members of the college cricket team go to the mountains for a wild weekend. Things spiral rapidly out of control, and a young Malaysian student they dragged along with them goes missing. When the boy is found by some bushwalkers on a rock ledge, barely clinging to life, most people think it's because of a fall, but the St Anton's men know better. The stress of keeping their collective secret becomes harder and harder to bear, and even the heavy wrought-iron fences of the college can't keep out reality.

Dark, dangerous, bloody and visceral, this is a story of power, prestige and the pack mentality that forms the underbelly of campus life at an elite university. Wild Things is the debut of a thrilling new Australian writer.